Dear Readers,

Ines Kaps (pictured below) recently joined the Social Media team after seeing the great objectives for the chapter announced at the AMM in Zürich in January. She was so motivated to sign up that she approached Paul Selwold during the networking session to express her interest to become a new volunteer.

pmi ch interview

One thing led to another and before long, Ines was part of the Social Media & Marketing team, participating at their annual Kick-Off face-to-face in Bern. The purpose of the kick-off is to meet with the other volunteers and brainstorm about what great ideas to bring to the chapter. Director of SocMed & Marketing, Filippo Meloni, was very impressed by the experience and big-picture contribution that Ines brought forward.

The Newsletter Team decided to interview Ines to find out more and to share with its readers the great new idea. Please read on to learn more.

Newsletter Team: Hi Ines! It is great that you are taking a bit of time to speak to us.

Ines Kaps: It is my pleasure! Thank you for this opportunity!

NL: So what was the great idea that we have heard about?

IK: We are looking for volunteer trolls.

NL: What kind of person are you looking for? Who should apply?

IK: Anyone who feels they can regularly post critical, sometimes negative, and ideally harmful comments about the chapter or its members are invited to apply. No travel required, of course, but hunting someone down online who is trying to hide may be necessary.

NL: Note to readers: Members who are motivated to apply for this exciting new role should click on the link This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

IK: A social media community which is always and only positive and upbeat, is both artificial and constricting. Eventually our members will fade away and look for a more “real” online community. (A yin searches for a yang, if you will.)

NL: So, Ines, please tell us, how did you come upon this idea?

IK: Well, it was clear to me from the Kick Off that the SocMed Team wishes to foster a Full Experience Online Community in 2017. This means not only promoting the benefits of chapter engagement and available services, but also creating a full online community.

NL: You mean, like encouraging chapter members to engage with each other online?

IK: Exactly that. But not only that. We want our members to feel like they can share their thoughts and experiences openly with each other. “Who is going to the next event and can we meet up there?” “Who will go to the next event, I cannot attend but I would like to find out what it was like..” That sort of thing. Also the event organizers, “Please share with us what you liked or did not like about the event you attended.

NL: Understood. So 2017 will feature encouraging more interaction between members of the chapters, both with each other as well as with the team of chapter volunteers.  Both positive and negative.

IK: Yes, that’s right.

NL: Really?

IK: Of course not.