Mubarak Muritala

Mubarak is a highly experienced Project Manager with more than 8 years of expertise. His journey recently brought him from Bulgaria to Switzerland. With a background deeply rooted in strategic leadership, Mubarak holds a master’s in strategic leadership from New Bulgarian University. His passion for effective communication led him to pursue a current master’s in international business communication from the same institution.
In the realm of project management, Mubarak specialized in strategic planning and execution. He has overseen diverse projects and holds the distinction of being a Certified Strategic Leader. His expertise spans various domains, from IT to movie and photography endeavors. Mubarak is not only a proficient Photographer and Movie Editor, but he also excels in languages. Fluent in French, English, Ewe, and Yoruba, he is actively enhancing his proficiency in German and Bulgarian, currently at A2 level.

Mubarak dedicated to continuous growth, as reflected in his recent completion of the PMP training from Simplilearn. Excitingly, he is poised to take the PMP exam in September 2023. His journey is an embodiment of his belief in lifelong learning and professional development.

Mubarak’s move to Switzerland is accompanied by an eagerness to contribute and learn from the Swiss PMI charter. He is eager to immerse himself in a community that shares his passion for project management excellence. While Mubarak is currently in between roles, his determination and diverse skill set ensure he is primed for impactful contributions.

Outside of the professional sphere, Mubarak is an avid learner, explorer, and seeker of cultural experiences. He is enthusiastic about embracing new challenges and opportunities as he continues his journey in this dynamic international environment.

You can learn more about Mubarak by visiting his LinkedIn profile.