Gianmarco Sirei

Gianmarco Sirei is a highly experienced Project Manager, specializing in shipping and logistics, with over 14 years of industry experience. His proven track record for managing complex logistics and shipping operations is marked by his drive for efficiency, keen understanding of risk reduction, and incessant improvement of quality. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated his unique talent for leading and implementing transformative IT projects in the maritime domain, leading to significant improvements in process efficiency.

Gianmarco's work history is a testament to his ability to blend hands-on experience with innovative technologies, reflecting a forward-thinking approach to business processes. He developed strategic projects to optimize vessel performance and fuel efficiency. His data analysis skills significantly improved fleet management and his introduction of new technologies elevated operational efficiency. As a Project Management Specialist, he led critical IT projects, devised innovative solutions, and implemented core software that resulted in significant cost reductions. His leadership skills, coupled with his acumen in project management, paved the way for significant organizational upgrades.

Gianmarco's decision to join the Swiss chapter was fueled by his desire to apply his expertise in a technologically advanced and environmentally conscious setting, his interest in cutting-edge technology, and his goal of contributing to a diverse professional community, motivated by the prospect of collaborating with diverse professionals in the Swiss logistics scene. His fluency in multiple languages, including French, Spanish, Italian, and English, ensures seamless communication and synergistic collaborations in the multilingual environment of Switzerland.

Combining his maritime expertise with his sharp technological skills, Gianmarco Sirei continues to bring a forward-thinking approach to the ever-evolving shipping and logistics industry, establishing himself as an influential player in the field.

You can learn more about Gianmarco by visiting his LinkedIn profile