Kévin Jelsch

Kévin holds a master's degree in Mechanical engineering from the French engineering school Polytech'Lille. He spent his last year of studies in Germany (Erasmus semester at RWTH Aachen and internship at Bosch Munich)
After his studies Kévin came back to his home region and started to work at Alten, an engineering consulting company as a design engineer. Now Kévin is working as a project manager at Berry (Muttenz) in the plastic industry

Kévin passed the PMP exam in March and naturally joined the PMI Switzerland Chapter

Kévinis 31 years old; currently live in Saint Louis (France) with his fiancé and they are getting married in July

In his free time Kévin loves cycling (road as well as mountain bike)

You can learn more about Kévin by visiting his LinkedIn profile.