Khatia Mishelashvili

Khatia is 29 years old. She did her studies in Journalism, but her career didn't follow her profession.

Khatia has worked in PR management in her first years of study at Tbilisi State University.

Important period of Khatia’s career is connected to an international company, which hired her to lead the projects in the field like Tourism, Movie Production, Investment and Education. Khatia earned all her important skills there, and the company's trust made her believe in herself and to see that nothing is impossible.

Beside her jobs, Khatia used to be a guide for years, which led her to create her own tour agency. It was successfully operating in Georgia, until Khatia moved to Switzerland in 2020.

Khatia really enjoys working on projects, where she was responsible for its success from the beginning to the end.

Seeing the challenging environment in Switzerland, Khatia decided to prove her abilities in project management by obtaining PMP certification.

As Khatia lives in Switzerland, she wants to become a part of the PMI Switzerland chapter, which will help her to stay updated, meet people, gain new connections, follow the Swiss quality demand and share and learn more.

Her most important hobbies are reading and traveling.

You can learn more about Khatia by visiting her LinkedIn profile