Tommaso Campanella

Tommaso is a Technical Project Manager with eight years of experience in various and heterogeneous sectors, the most recent of which are onboarding solutions for the retail and private banking sector.
But that was not always the case before he arrived here in Switzerland. In fact, Tommaso comes from a strong background in IT Engineering (with a master’s degree in engineering back in Italy), with a passion for Distributed systems. After a short period spent working in short term projects, Tommaso decided to move to Canada for almost a year, where he worked as a visiting researcher at the PARADISE laboratory. In that context, Tommaso discovered and proved the feasibility of new innovating target tracking protocol for vehicles in urban areas, which makes use of scalable and dynamic solutions in the realm of Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANets).

When he faced the challenge of making a choice whether to follow his passion straight away or to build a more solid and flexible career in other business sectors, Tommaso decided to follow the latter and moved to London for a couple of years. This, right before his personal life brought him here in Switzerland, in 2016.
As for now, it’s almost four years that Tommaso works in the banking sector, and his plan, together with his wife, is to dedicate their energies on entering more and more the Swiss community, since they are not planning to leave any time soon!
Joining the Swiss PMI Chapter came immediately for him because of passing the PMP exam back in January. Tommaso loves his work and what project managers and the profession itself could do for this world, and he couldn’t wait to meet the rest of the community here in Switzerland (which is of course still the case!)

To spend a few words about Tommaso’s passions, it will be unfair to say that he only loves one thing in particular: that’s not his case. Tommaso is fond of anything that makes you say it was worth doing, regardless if it was a trip in the Japanese countryside or reading what the latest news on in the field of AI research while enjoying a nice glass of whisky!

You can learn more about Tommaso by visiting his LinkedIn profile