How to do the check-in or registrants :


A video covers the basic:


The Check-in process is


From your mobile phone :


you have to log in to the website prior to do the check-in. With this operation, the website will be able to regognize you and knows that you are a volunteers


Open your camera application

Point on the QR-code. Your phone will show you a link on the screen. click on this link (don't take a picture)

The phone is opening the website backend and check the registrant in,

You should see a print



Possible trouble 1 : 

message : You do not have permission to check registrant  (Other browser used in your mobile)

Maybe when your mobile phone is scanning a QR code it opens a different browser


Solution 1:  on the error message " 403 - You don't have permission to checkin registrant", there is a link to the home page.
use this link and then login to the website by clicking on the login button ( login button ) Then, try again to switch to the camera and scan the QR code.



Solution2 : scan this code with your phone or if you read this instructions from your phone just click on it.

pmi website


Your phone opens a page, you have to login login button

Then you should see the menu with the backend access : backend  seeing this logo is already enough to prove you can do the check-in.

Try again to switch to the camera and scan the QR code of the registrant.



Possible trouble 2 :  same message but other cause : You do not have permission to check registrant  (Access rights)

This is very rare... but not to exclude. it comes usualy when people joined another team before to be on Event team and the specific event team access has not been given.

To check if you have the issue, you can login on the website with any device you want and check if you see the sub-menu events calendar (internal) in the menu events. If you see this element, you have the correct access rights in the system to do the check-in of registrants.