Below, you will find information how to submit a paper or presentation for consideration by the PMI Switzerland Chapter.

Paper / Presentation Requirements

What are the Requirements if I am Invited to Deliver a Paper or Presentation?

Individuals who are invited to be presenters are required to complete the following:

  1. As a nonprofit professional organization, PMI and PMI Switzerland Chapter do not provide an honoraria for PMI Switzerland Chapter Events presenters or PMI Switzerland Chapter publication writers. All speakers are required to cover their own travel and hotel expenses and register to the concerned event.
  2. If there's a co-presenter, it is the primary presenter's responsibility to provide all co presenters with important information, including registration requirements. All presenters and co presenters are responsible for their own hotel and transportation costs. Presenters will receive a list of materials and milestones required for delivery of these materials.
  3. The number of co-presenters is limited to two (2) for all presentation formats except panels. Panels may have no more than four (4) members. Presenters shall specify the co-presenter(s) name(s) at the time of submission. All changes/additions must be approved by PMI Switzerland Chpater in writing.

    All parties involved in writing the paper and/or delivering the final presentation must sign and return an author's contract prior to the presentation(even if they are not presenting). This contract shall not nullify any copyright the author may have on the document, but does give PMI Switzerland Chapter a "non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, distribute, perform, and display the presentation and corresponding paper in any form or medium whatsoever; as well as the right to license others to do so." (from PMI Global Congress Author's Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Standard Conditions Agreement) The contract must be returned within twenty (20) days of accepting the invitation to present. Failure to return the contract within the requisite time may result in PMI Switzerland Chapter's retraction of the invitation.

    All presenters, regardless of the presentation format, are required to prepare and submit a paper following the paper formatting guidelines provided at the time the invitation was tendered. Those who are utilizing any format other than lecture shall submit a paper to PMI that describes the theoretical background of their topic used as the foundation for the learning objectives provided. Papers and presentations must adhere to the outline provided in the submission. Paper Formatting Guidelines (provided to all authors accepted) are to be followed. These publication guidelines specify maximum length of paper, margins, font style and size, use of bold, bullets, exhibits, etc. In addition, use of American Psychological Association (APA) Publication Manual 5th edition format is required for all inline citations as well as the listing of references. Individuals failing to provide a paper consistent with the guidelines may,at PMI Switzerland Chapter's sole discretion, be prohibited from being considered for a future event/publication for up to two (2) years .
  4. Papers may not contain author or company contact information or an author's biography or photograph. If added, they will be removed by the editors. A random reference check will be done on all papers read and edited by PMI Switzerland Chapter. PMI Switzerland Chapter reserves the right to edit all papers as required to meet editorial guidelines. Papers with pure or excessive product/service promotional information will be disqualified. Judgment of this will rest solely with PMI Switzerland Chapter. No paper can have appeared in print or on-line prior to the event with the exception of PMI and PMI Component events. All the foregoing shall be at PMI Switzerland Chapter's sole discretion.
  5. A paper submission deadline will be provided to all authors. Adherence to this deadline will be necessary to permit time for the paper to be prepared for posting on the PMI Switzerland Chapter web site and/or on an event CD of proceedings. Papers not being submitted on time may not be posted on the web site prior to the event or included in any CD of proceedings. Papers requiring more than minor editing will be returned to the author(s) for correction prior to publication.

    All presenters shall provide a Microsoft® PowerPoint presentation utilizing the PMI approved template sent to the author at the time of invitation or shortly thereafter. A copy of the slide presentation must be sent to PMI no later than ten (10) days before the start of the event to permit preloading of computers and for posting on the PMI Switzerland Chapter Website after the event. If the event slides are not provided by the deadline or are substantially changed, it is the speaker's responsibility to load the slides prior to the presentation and provide PMI a copy of the slides for posting. The slides shall not contain any marketing materials or corporate logos on any page other than the title and contact pages where the presenter's corporate affiliation may appear along with the author's telephone and e-mail information. The presentation must adhere to the content of the provided description and outline.

    Sessions are seventy-five (75) minutes in length, divided between 60 minutes of presentation of the topic, and 15 minutes of Q&A interaction with the audience. Speakers are required to end on time. Presenters whose presentations run overly long/short may have such information reflected in their session evaluations. The evaluations may affect future submission reviews.

    PMI Switzerland Chapter will provide a Speaker's Training Guide upon request to assist presenters in creating an interesting and engaging presentation that supports the topics of their paper. It addresses issues such as audience, pace, body language, vocabulary, slide creation, etc.