2019 05 21 23 Beyond Bureaucracy slide

 Beyond Bureaucracy - Navigating Complexity with Cynefin and the Amber Compass

Two years ago Bernhard Sterchi has given an introduction to complexity management with the Cynefin Playing Cards at the Basel Chapter, and last year Dave Snowden gave us a glimpse of many aspects of complexity and the Cynefin Framework. We are happy to announce that Bernhard has decided to give members of PMI Switzerland a super bonus of CHF 1900.- on his training on May 21-23, under the title Beyond Bureaucracy - Navigating Complexity with the Amber Compass.

The training aims at project and line managers of all levels, Scrum masters, consultants and OD specialists. In an increasingly volatile, complex, unpredictable and ambiguous world, we realise that most of our methods and approaches which are based on the assumption of order, do no longer work. The result are the exponential increase of bureaucracy, unrealistic forecasts and objectives, and over-rigid constraints that make it impossible for people to get their job done. You are supposed to explain a product to customers, but the information you have constantly lags behind what customers need to know. You are supposed to hand in your budget, but it depends on so many decisions that other people have yet to take. And some of those decisions, in turn, might depend on the kind of budget you hand in. As performance goes down, cynicism spreads amongst staff.

In this three day course, you will learn new methods and approaches that help you as a professional deal better with complexity. But most of all, you will develop your mindset. If you start looking at situations in a different way, and understand why certain challenges are the way they are, the apt choice of decisions, tools and methods will be comparatively easy.

Click here to learn more about the training. https://www.palladio.net/events/navigating-complexity-training-2/

The three day training takes place at a very special location, and is priced at CHF 2400.- plus accommodation. Use the offer code PMICHdiscount to get CHF 1900.- off. Bernhard has decided to make this offer because he regards PMI members not just as end users, but as multipliers of the concept.