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Ruth Christine Lechler

Research Associate, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, ZHAW

Ruth Christine is Research Associate at Zurich University of Applied Sciences and doctoral candidate at WU Vienna with the Project Management Group.

She researches and lectures on motivation in projects, project management, and organizational design. Ruth is a dedicated Design Thinker and completed advanced training in Design Thinking from extended Stanford University's "Global Team-based Design Innovation with Corporate Partners" course.

She earned a degree in Management, Organizational Studies, and Cultural Theory from the University of St. Gallen (HSG). She has professional experience as a project manager in strategy consulting, and as project lead in transformation and digitalization projects in the industrial sector.


Empowering Tomorrow's Project Leaders: Unveiling Motivation of Gen Y

Shape tomorrow’s projects and unleash young talent by learning what motivates young project professionals to work on projects.

Young professionals are increasingly looking for a specific work environment characterized by opportunities for learning, meaningfulness and achievement. Projects outcomes offer the kind of work environment that fits the expectations of young professionals quite well. In this session, we present research results on what motivates young professionals to work on projects and how team leads and organizations can leverage this and support project management careers.

 In this session you will…

  • …leverage your energy and passion for successful projects by focusing on what truly motivates you.
  • …learn to mentor young professionals effectively.
  • …discover how to motivate and lead young team members.
  • …learn to stay competitive by tapping into the potential of your young workforce.

The session draws on the findings of the PMI-funded research project, The Future of Project Work.