Social Media

Philippe Soupart

Board Member candidate

I have been the VP Operations for some years now. I was able to modernize the website and its services. For instance, I bought Credit card payment in addition to Paypal for the events, better Email notifications with a consistent graphical identity for each event.

If re-elected I will continue to provide my support and guidance in all the technical domain.

With the new world, the turnover in volunteers has increased with the corresponding consequences to our chapter. I plan to set up easy way to train our volunteers to allow them to use their full potential from day 1. 

Project Management experience

I started project management in the early 90’s beside the engineering work I was performing for big Telecom Companies such as Ericsson, Nokia, France-Telecom, etc.

Later, becoming lead architect, running projects with specific project management skills became more important. I took the decision to prove my knowledge with a PMP certification only in 2015 when the game of certifications was a must in many domains. I had to run a complete strategy on this with certifications in multiple domains to enforce my employability. Since then, I regularly update my certifications in Aviation, Networks, Project Management, ICT-Security and, Telecom systems.

Nowadays, I guess coming with age, I focus more on the social aspect and realize the importance of human networking to share and connect to peers. Therefore I am glad to be part of PMI Switzerland to strengthen the project manager community.

PMI volunteering experience

I joined our Chapter in 2015 in the Technology team and joined the board in 2019 as VP Operations.

At that time, my focus was on adapting the website to a professional version of it with a great Event Page. Doing this, volunteers could propose more Events with less time to market, and all this with modern tools to promote their work.

Nowadays, my team offers very quick reaction time for every technical situation, making our chapter a very dynamic place to work and have fun building our community. I am also very happy to have successfully launched our messaging App for volunteers.

I continue to help on a daily base to offer my technical expertise to provide and maintain the tools that our chapter needs, such as Email services, Drives storages, Messaging platform and lately graphical tools to enhance our events marketing.

My motivation and key priorities within the chapter

With the new world, the turnover in volunteers increased which comes with impact on our chapter. I plan to set up easy way to train our volunteers to allow them to use their full potential from day 1.

We have seen that networking events and events to share experience were highly appreciated. I will adapt the website to allow events linked to communities and try to present you more content also with the pictures and articles on former similar events to have a better idea on the event you want to visit.

We might try also some hybrid events in order to allow people to meet and network but also to provide a remote access for those who cannot travel to our venues.