Social Media

Thando Dube

Board Member candidate

If I get elected as a board member, I will actively participate in proposing transformative projects that will elevate our way of collaboration so that we enjoy volunteering, find time to upskill, share knowledge, skills and have fun! 

My focus will be on creating new opportunities for PMI Switzerland members to share knowledge and learn new skills, participate in communities of practice, and have better and timely information about training opportunities.


Project Management experience

20+ years of experience working and leading global teams in business development, partnership, brand, logistics, communications, and marketing projects. From the beginning of my career, I knew my vocation was to connect people. As a business development manager, I led a project of geographic expansion of a leading transport express brand in 35 countries. As a Marketing and Communications manager, I led the strategy design and execution of Marketing and Communication projects in 83 countries.
I have led transformative projects involving company fusion and merge with multi-cultural and remote teams with a scope of 178 countries. This global exposure has equipped me with “hands on” experience on project, program, and portfolio management. 
I enjoy working on transformative projects and I am currently finishing my last PMI micro-credential in Organizational Transformation Orchestration. I have an MBA and I am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and certified with micro-credentials in Organizational Transformation Foundation and Implementation.

PMI volunteering experience

My first contact with the PMI Switzerland chapter was in 2020. Volunteering as an Events Coordinator with the Romandie section, I have participated in the organization of in-person and online events since 2021. As a member of Open Space Forum, I have participated in the organization of 4 events.
Experienced in managing global marketing and communication projects, I sought to share my skills across the chapter first by joining the Brand Management & Development team in 2021. In 2022, I joined the Social Media team and helped to clear the backlog and thus reached the milestone of 3200 followers on LinkedIn.
In parallel, I volunteer as a technical editor for the newsletter, and I am a member of the core team leading the creation of Organizational Transformation CoP. The 11th PM conference was my most challenging and rewarding volunteering experience, I am proud to have contributed to its success as a member of the Steering Committee and the Marketing Lead.

My motivation and key priorities within the chapter

I enjoy connecting with people. If elected, my focus will be to find innovative and exciting ways to connect or reconnect our chapter members with volunteering experience and events that are organized by our chapter, other chapters, and the global PMI organization.
This entails giving visibility to training and upskilling and certifications offered by PMI so that chapter members are aware of these opportunities and enjoy benefits of being PMI and the chapter members. The 11th PM Switzerland Conference demonstrated that our chapter has motivated and diversified talents that can produce excellent results if they collaborate on a common project with a less siloed approach.
 I believe that we need a well-defined north star vision of where we want to take our chapter in the next coming years. This will help to engage chapter members and volunteers in an open and collaborative approach, removing or improving certain “silos” and processes that are impediments to reaching this vision.