PMI® Switzerland Chapter

PMI® Switzerland Chapter

Message from the Board - March 2023

Thando Dube

Author: Thando Dube - VP Communications

We are a few weeks before the first quarter of 2023 unfolds, and many things have happened within your Chapter! On 2nd February, we successfully organized our Annual Members Meeting (AMM) in Bern.

We are thankful and grateful to all our Chapter members who attended this event and to our energized volunteers and organizing team that made this happen! The AMM is a unique event, where we get to meet as a Chapter to share, review the achievements of the past year, get budget approval, present the new board for the current year, acknowledge and reward our outstanding volunteers; not forgetting the privileged moment of meeting in person and sharing a drink after the event! 

We encourage every member to attend our next AMM, as this provides a very good opportunity to connect with the Board members and fellow members and volunteers.

A week later after the AMM event, on the 11th of February, the new Board met for the first time in Bern to establish the road map for 2023. This meeting was also extended to the Past Presidents of the Chapter, who joined in the afternoon for a brainstorming session. As a newly elected Board member, I really appreciated this joint session, where we got to listen, learn, and share experiences that have shaped the history of our chapter. 

On 22 February, we organized our first online event on ‘Women in Projects’ and on 1st March, we held our first in-person event in Zurich - ‘How to foster and build teams to solve complex problems’. But it isn’t always too much work and no play with the Swiss Chapter! Our Chapter organized multiple networking events last year in order to interact with other project management professionals in Basel, Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva! These networking events are scheduled on a regular monthly basis. If your home city is not covered and you are interested in organizing a networking event, kindly reach out to the Events Team who will gladly help to set up this event with you.

Our chapter is active, with several events and projects lined up for this year. These are the fruits of the work of our members and volunteers who have again this year offered to volunteer their time towards PMI and its Swiss Chapter. As we start the year, there are still volunteer positions available. Volunteering with our chapter is not static! You can volunteer for several projects at the same time, or you can select the time of the year when you have a lighter workload. All this is possible and takes no time to define it with your volunteer team lead.

Visit our website to find out about available positions or contact our VP Volunteers.

Thank you, I look forward, together with the rest of the Board members, to volunteer and collaborate with everyone to make our Chapter a great place to volunteer, learn, upskill, meet, and share knowledge and skills with other project management professionals.