Message from the Board - November 2021

Stefan vesenmeier - VP Events

Author: Stefan Vesenmeier, PMP, DASSM

Reflections on autumn

What is your attitude towards autumn?

Do you associate autumn with thoughts like:

  • saying farewell
  • losing something
  • the days are getting shorter and dark
  • the cold spreads
  • loneliness threatens

Or are you rather someone for whom the thought of autumn evokes sentiments like

  • looks forward to the colorful nature
  • enjoys the beautiful sunsets
  • new experiences are coming
  • listens to the rustling of the leaves as music
  • likes to snuggle up with your blanket and a book or TV series at home


And what does autumn have to do with Project Management?

For me personally, autumn stands for change like no other season. It brings the end of something beautiful and well-known and at the same time marks the beginning of something new, but unknown.

In our professional life, we often have to deal with the same two groups of people, as illustrated above. Those who see change as something unpleasant and frightening, and those who welcome and look forward to changes.

Maybe this autumn picture will help you to illustrate to doubters and rejecters that changes are something quite natural and that something positive can always result from them.

Do you agree - A year is a project!

As you know the definition of a project according to PMBoK is:

“A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result. The temporary nature of projects indicates a beginning and an end to the project work or a phase of the project work…”

Each year is unique in itself and has a defined beginning and ending. Furthermore, a year is only a part of the whole portfolio - of life. And just as a project always consists of the same successive phases, a year also always passes through the same four phases - the seasons:

Spring - Project Start / Initialization and Planning

The farmer plans what he wants to plant and produce this year. He plants and sows what he wants to harvest.  And the PM ???

Summer - Project Executing and Implementation

The farmer cares for his land, plants, and animals so that they flourish as desired and bring the desired yield.  And the PM ???

Fall - Monitoring & Controlling, and also "Go Live".

The farmer cultivates his fields and finally harvests the crop.  And the PM ???

Winter - Closing, and use the results

The farmer and many other people live from the results of the work.  And the PM ???


What do you think? Do you see similarities?

I look forward to your comments and thoughts.

In conclusion, I would like to share some German wisdom:

"Catching a falling leaf in autumn before it touches the ground will bring you luck."

So, my call of action to you: Go out into the colorful nature with your loved ones this coming weekend and catch your happiness.

This coming weekend, why not go out with your loved ones into the colorful nature and have fun catching your luck.

All the best