Message From The Board May 2021

Stefan vesenmeier - VP Events

 "A Day Without Laughter Is A Day Wasted"

It had somehow been clear to me for a long time that this line from Charlie Chaplin is more important today than ever before, but I only really realized it last Thursday, or more precisely yesterday.

And since Cicero said, "A joy shared is a joy doubled!" I would like to briefly share my story here.

After weeks and months of home-office and mostly virtual communication with friends and colleagues, a slowly swelling lethargy had set in with me. In a way, everything was always the same, neither particularly bad nor really good or nice. Everything was just the way it was. The only good thing about this dullness was that it was so easy to imagine or talk myself into believing that everything was fine!

In the past three weeks, a lot of unplanned things came together, so that I was overly challenged professionally and privately, and that both temporally and mentally. In short, it became a bit much and I found myself in an uncomfortable situation and I had to try to cut back a bit.

So a Classroom Training on Thursday came in handy, it was an ideal occasion for me to break out of the daily grind - or at least to take a break for one day. It was an absolutely great feeling to talk to other people live and directly after more than a year.

But what made the day the one that I will certainly remember for a long time to come, was the short lunch break that we spent together outside. It was just infinitely beautiful - sitting in the sun, talking to friends, and having a cool drink in front of you - it felt so free and almost like "normal".

Yesterday, when I was sitting at my desk at home and the sun was shining through the roof window into the room, it was very difficult for me to concentrate on writing this "Message from the board". Somehow I couldn't get my mind off Thursday lunchtime.

And when I let my thoughts run free yesterday, I suddenly realized why I remember this 60-minute lunch break so long and beautifully, and why it brings back the positive feeling when writing about it.

It wasn't sitting in the sun, nor the informal conversation with friends, and also not the refreshing drinks - no, it was something much more valuable. Only now, in retrospect, did I realize what I was missing all along and what I found again on Thursday:

To see the smile that comes from the heart of a happy person on their face. 

And it could not be overlooked, everyone felt happy and free to sit in the sun and be friends together.

So I hope we can soon meet friends again to give each other a smile.


An African proverb says: Turn your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.


And so I would like to end here with the wish that we are a sun to our friends and fellow human beings - as that they are one for us.


With my best wishes for you, stay safe and keep a positive attitude

Stefan Vesenmeier

VP Events from PMI Switzerland