PMI® Switzerland Chapter

PMI® Switzerland Chapter

Message from the board November 2020

Karolina Letowska

We have approached the Q4 of this year and most of us probably already have started thinking about the next year.

What will change? What new will bring? How will surprise us?

In current situation there is lots of uncertainty and it’s really difficult to plan something ahead.


But there is one thing that we can all plan together with PMI Switzerland - the 20th anniversary of the chapter. We hope that year 2021 will be a year full of positive surprises within project management world. Together with the Board we are planning special activities to celebrate the 20 years of our local community.


With this message I would like to invite you to join volunteers team focused on the celebration activities planing and preparation. Please contact us via the contact form if you are interested.

I believe together we can achieve more!

A big Thank you for being part of our Project Management Community.

Karo Letowska
VP Finance