Adi Muslic

Author: Adi Muslic, VP Sponsors and Partners


Dear members, volunteers and newsletter subscribers,

Let me start the message with citation from the PMI’s Wicked Problem Solving:
Every person, every team, every organization faces a constant rush of problems and opportunities, from simple challenges to staggeringly complex dilemmas.
Our ability to deliver creative, elegant outcomes is the key to staying sharp and relevant. Success now depends on how well we deal with change, how effectively we innovate, and how much impact we make in the world. Those who do this well will thrive in the years ahead. And those who help others do this will be our most important leaders.

PMI Switzerland chapter’s mission is to foster a community of individuals and organizations interested in project management through networking, and knowledge and experience sharing.
Members identified professional networking as their primary aim in the survey earlier this year. With this aim in mind, and with feedback collected from our volunteers, the board decided to tackle challenges and define a new strategy. In a day workshop, we identified strategic goals, potential blockers in achieving these goals, and several areas of improvement.

As a result, we are launching several projects to implement changes that will allow us to better serve our members. In addition, we will enlarge collaboration among our volunteers through strategic initiatives.
Changing a business organization is difficult. Changing a volunteering organization is another level of difficulty. Our goal is to inspire volunteers to engage in the transformation effort by finding personal meaning and aspiration to contribute. We need to mobilize and work in an agile and adaptive way. We will also need to shift the mindset and culture within the organization to continue transforming. The results will not be there overnight, but we will keep moving in the right direction.

The workshop proved again the importance of creative collaboration. As digital technology becomes more prevalent, we must remember the importance of human interaction and experience-based knowledge. AI is changing the game, making skills like problem solving, emotional intelligence, innovation, and communication crucial for success. The intelligence and power behind AI are humans. And humans are the ones who can make a difference.

At our 12th PM Conference, we will talk about AI, but also about power skills we need to make a difference. There is also plenty of time dedicated to networking. Join us at beautiful Roche’s conference venue on 18 October, to share with us this unforgettable experience.
Finally, I would like to share with you that Lenka Pincot, the PMI Chief of Staff, will visit Switzerland. We will use this opportunity to organize a chapter event on 9 October in the Romandie region. Lenka will share with us the latest PMI insights. Stay tuned.