Lessons Learnt from Global IT Projects

Victor Camara

Author: Victor Camara-Bados, PMP

A year has passed since I certified as a PMP, and I have also recently completed an internal certification at the company where I am currently working (Capgemini) which is based on the PMBoK 5th Edition.

During these years of experience in management I have learned that life, work and personal relationships, all can be considered a project that is susceptible to be managed. The first time when I heard it and understood it was while studying a PM Course at ESIC where the Ph.D. Prof. Daniel Echeverria explained that the course and the actual certification had to be treated as a project itself… on my side, I had previously been involved in R&D Projects at the Complutense University of Madrid but never treated the learning as a project that the student could manage, when in fact it is.

During this time the facts have proven to me that the discipline, the (7) habits of highly efficient people, the organization and focus vs. chaos, is key and basic for efficient management. It is important to always believe in processes, methodologies, and best practices as guides to develop and successfully carry out the needed work.

proejct management

The optimal performance and following methodologies and processes result not only in professional growth, but also in personal growth since both sides of our lives are often connected in the so-called work/life balance.

One of the most rewarding topics of global IT projects is that in the latest years, we, the IT professionals have the opportunity to embrace the globalization and the 3rd and 4th Industrial Revolutions being part of the multicultural, multiracial, multilingual, virtual onshore, nearshore and offshore teams.

Another great opportunity given by this sector is in organizational change management and digital transformation, which helps professionals leave their comfort zone and grow, never fearing these disruptional changes.

It is also important to mention the crucial role of communication: the right amount of information processed and distributed to the interested stakeholders.

One must also focus on goal setting, planning success and executing the tasks, always keeping in mind “resist”, “don’t give up” and “keep on going”, knowing that it is in crises and difficult moments that leaders arise and guide the rest.

And last but not least, a leader must be fair and must celebrate and congratulate all team members for the project’s success. And don’t forget to have fun!