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Stefan Vesenmeier


Stefan Vesenmeier
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After a fantastic time as informatics student, I started my professional career in Software Development. Then I went on to take over different roles, such as Department Lead, Security Officer, Manager of a Data Center and project management (PM). In my over 25 years’ experience leading projects of different sizes in various industries, I gained experience and took responsibility for all domains of project management (e.g. as technical PM, Change Manager, Team Lead, People Manager, Project Rescue Manager, Scrum Master, etc.).

I rounded out my project managing experience by becoming a PMP in 2010. Two months after receiving my certificate, I joined my first PMI event team meeting in Basel where I immediately felt comfortable. Since that time, I am an active and passionate volunteer of PMI Switzerland. After 4 years in the team, I became a deputy director; and two years later, director of the Basel event team. The work and fun together with the other volunteers and the feedback received from event attendees  have all helped me to grow not only in my role, but also personally.

As a Member of the Board I want to build on my Event Team Director experience to help PMI Switzerland become the number one address for all questions and needs around the Project Economy.

My vision is to cooperate with all engaged PMI Switzerland Volunteers in order to organize and provide to the Swiss PM community the knowledge and information that are necessary to stay relevant and to be prepared for the projectified future of business and live.

The only thing in my life which is higher priority for me than either my professional life or being a member of this board, is my family. They help me to keep a steady perspective and see the world from a different angle. For them and with them I find my purpose and they always help me to charge my batteries.

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