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Facebook Channel Lead

Facebook Channel Lead

Description or summary (committee purpose)

Facebook Channel Lead main task is to be responsible for the content of Facebook Channel.He/She receives content to be published in accordance to the PMI guidelines, plans posts, takes part in Campaigns planning and engages with the audience. 

Estimated time commitment

1-2 hours a week


Social Media Posts


- Edit and Publish posts from different sources within the Chapter

- Be responsible for social media campaigns on Facebook Channel

- Read proofing and quality assurance of the content to be published.

- Coordination and collaboration within the social media team and with other teams inside the Chapter’s organization


Experience with social media channels as user/power-user.

Desired skill sets

Good to excellent written English.

PDUs to be awarded

Max 25 PDUs per three years cycle



Apply on the VRMS platform of for this opportunity : here