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Advertising Opportunities

Sponsoring & Advertising Opportunities

Sponsoring opportunities available

Sponsoring provides the Chapter additional financial resources and security to finance running costs and to organize high-profile events and trainings for members and the general public. Two type of sponsoring are provided:
  1. Platinum Sponsor with high visibility and a full mix of electronic, paper based and face-to-face communication opportunities, using all available channels, except the newsletter
  2. Gold+ Sponsor with good balance between visibility on the site and paper based communication plus two regional events sponsoring per period
  3. Gold Sponsor with good balance between visibility on the site and paper based communication
  4. Event Sponsor, an economic option, focused on specific face-to-face opportunities (for a standard fee) or, as an option, by providing the venue, the networking costs and, if agreed, the event speaker

Sponsoring key benefits

In exchange of a yearly sponsoring fee, the chapter provides a mix of direct communication channels such as the PMI Switzerland Chapter WEB site, the PM@CH magazine and, on a best effort basis, visibility at various chapter events. Depending on the sponsoring format selected, the key benefits include:
  • High visibility in various chapter communication channels and activities
  • Complimentary CHF 50.- vouchers valid at chapter events
  • Demonstrated passion and commitment to the profession by supporting the association
  • Right to promote the PMI Switzerland Chapter sponsoring by displaying provided logo in the Sponsor's own communication.

Advertising opportunities available

Advertising provides the Chapter additional financial resources, mainly to finance communication costs. Currently there are two major communication channels open to Advertisers:
  1. The chapter monthly newsletter (advertising banners, job offers)
  2. The PM@CH magazine (full page or ½ page advertisement)

    Please note that as of January 2009, the Chapter no longer offers advertising on our Chapter website.

Advertising key benefits

The PMI Switzerland Chapter provides specific and efficient communication channels to present Advertisers services, products, events or expertise. While the sponsoring encompasses a wider mix of channels, advertisement is focused on two specific channels, the monthly newsletter and the PM@CH magazine. Depending on the advertising options selected, the benefits include:
  • One banner in the chapter newsletter, the primary communication to members, the industry and the public (over 2000 direct and qualified contacts in Switzerland)
  • One printed advertisement in the PM@CH professional magazine (2000 ex./edition)
  • Profiling specific services, job offers, events or competencies within the Swiss PM community

Become a PMI Switzerland Chapter Sponsor or Advertiser

For more information on how to become a Chapter Sponsor or Advertiser, to know the conditions and the various options available or to place your order, please contact our Chapter Office.