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Lilian Kishi

Lilian Kishi

lilian kishi

I like to explore different areas and gather experience in diverse subjects. During my professional life I have been involved with operational activities and projects, mainly in the IT and financial industries, but with a background study in the Biology field.

If elected, I will use the experience I have gathered so far and the different references I have, to contribute to ensure that the chapter’s investments and expenses are correct, effective and smartly done. 


Project Management experience

I have been involved with project management since the beginning of my career at Lenovo. My passion for projects continued growing while participating in a payment migration project for Carrefour while part of the TSYS team. I gained great experience running a small business where not only money but also lack of knowledge were normally the biggest challenges to overcome when proposing solutions to the customers. Lately, I have been involved with in-house software projects, as an end user of the tools and therefore, focusing on the usability, accuracy and the result of the improvements for the company and its customers.

I found myself in an environment that I like the most, the dynamic and live nature of projects I had the pleasure to be part of, with some routine steps but, most of the time, very rich, diverse, broad and full of surprising events, where I contribute but, mainly, learn so much.

 PMI volunteering experience

I do not have so far any experience volunteering for PMI. Though I became a PMI member in 2014, in that year me and my family were already preparing to move abroad. It was not an appropriate timing.

Since I came to Switzerland in 2015, I needed first to make sure we established ourselves here, did learn German and other important integration steps.

Now, I finally have the opportunity to volunteer and get involved with PMI Switzerland, so, though I cannot say much about it until now, I have great expectations of a successful start.

Regarding other volunteering activities, I helped selling food during a local basketball event in 2017 in Brunnen, SZ and, previously, I had planted trees in Campinas, SP, city where I used to live in Brazil.

 My motivation and key priorities within the chapter

I would like to use the experience that I have gathered so far in project management and also other areas, to contribute to the PMI chapter I find it also as an opportunity to return to project management, as I have been away for some time, from this area that I like so much.

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