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Loredana Serban

Loredana Serban

loredana serban

I am leading the Finance and Operation department at Sphere, a Swiss based NGO which develops and promotes the Sphere Handbook, one of the most widely known and internationally recognised set of standards in humanitarian response. In my role I oversee the financial operations, annual budget planning and monitoring, cash flow projections. I am in charge of the ongoing monitoring and assessment of grants and I coordinate the yearly external audit and perform donors’ audits. As I strongly believe that offering is rewarding, I’d love to invest my time and expertise in meaningful projects supporting the advancement of our profession. Joining PMI Switzerland will give me the chance to make a difference through my work, to contribute and to continuously learn.

 Project Management experience

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to manage multiple assignments in both non-profit and corporate environment, being responsible for ensuring programs implementation and financial support for either operations or projects. In my current position of Finance and Operations Coordinator at Sphere I manage the financial operations and donors’ grants implementation. I coordinate all steps of grant management process for institutional donors such as governments, UN Agencies, ECHO and actively assist the team to assess implementation risks and to ensure donor compliance. I also have proven experience with transformation projects covering organizational transitions, relocations, implementation of scalable systems and solutions. I strongly believe in the professionalization of NGO operations through the digitization of processes and the development of internal control policies and procedures.

 PMI volunteering experience

I joined PMI Switzerland early this year but I didn't have yet the change to start volunteering. I have an extensive experience in volunteering for different membership organisations supporting women’ advancement, kids' and teenagers' education as well as in projects enhancing the awareness for environmental protection and ethical trade: - Organisation of Women in Intentional Trade - Lake Geneva Chapter ( for which between 2014- 2018 I served as VP Treasury and member of the Executive Board. - Association Decouvrir, ( as mentor within their mentoring program. - Dalcroze Romania ( and CulturED, two educational NGO which promote the early age musical educations through alternative educational methods.

 My motivation and key priorities within the chapter

Given my previous experience in volunteering for different membership organizations I understand the functioning and challenges that a volunteer-based organization faces. The Treasurer position within OWIT Lake Geneva allowed me also to understand the responsibility the Executive Board has in setting and implementing a long-term strategy for the organization. I’d like to use my experience and skills to contribute to the development of PMI Switzerland and I am opened to new learning opportunities and volunteering adventures.

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