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Agnieszka Skalska

Agnieszka Skalska

agnieszka skalska

Project Management Professional (PMP). Master degree in Information Technology and Environmental Engineering. Since 2011 PMI member and volunteer. Experienced Project Manager, Speaker and Mentor. Introduced and executed over 20 projects for financial services, management consulting and manufacturing industries. Reliable, devoted and energetic with solid business acumen. Always following the fundamental values of integrity, innovation and collaboration.

“If am elected, I want to make PMI the most recognized project management brand in Switzerland.”


Project Management experience

I have 10+ years of experience in global business transformations projects in various industries, including financial services, management consulting and manufacturing. I hold a Master of Science in Information Technology, and Master of Science and Bachelor of Engineering in Environmental Engineering. I am certified in Project Management (PMP, PRINCE2 Practitioner), Change Management (PROSCI), Agile (Scrum Master) and building Portfolio, Program and Project Offices (P3O). I have a proven track record of delivering high quality projects: I was granted ABB`s CEO Excellence Award 2014 and PMI PC Project of the Year 2015. I am passionate about working with people and getting results through individual and organizational accountability. I have a solid business acumen of Business Models, Strategy, Development and Operational Excellence. I put a lot of passion and commitment into my work. Enthusiasm, professionalism and a `can-do` attitude are the features that people like the most about me. Since 2011 I have been a PMI Member.

PMI volunteering experience

I joined PMI at the beginning of my professional career and since then PMI has become like a home to me. A place where I met many inspiring people whose experience, professionalism and creativity shaped my way of working. I started my volunteering journey in

PMI PC where I got an opportunity to take a part in building the first partnership between PMI and Enactus in Europe. For a year I was coaching the Enactus Team on how to tackle business and project principles alongside social action. In PMI CH I am responsible for organizing 10th PMI Switzerland Conference. I am leading a team of 14 fantastic people. I am focused on building strong team bonds, essential to keep the team together during these challenging pandemic times. In my spare time I work as a mentor to help people to find their professional path, guide them through the development opportunities and advise on their career progression.

My motivation and key priorities within the chapter

I love to work with people, share my experience and exchange knowledge. I am successful in building consensus and commitment. Furthermore I am transparent in my actions and decisions. I want to make good use of all of it. Serving the project management community is for me an honor, privilege and a chance to make a positive contribution to our profession development. If I am elected,

I want to start several projects that will enable us to fulfil the vision of a powerful and innovative PMI Switzerland Chapter.

My key priorities will be:

1.     Make PMI the most recognized project management brand in Switzerland.

2.     Strengthen PMI CH global position and visibility by realizing impactful, creative and innovative projects

3.     Create opportunities for people to boost their skills, gain experience and develop as leaders.

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