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Felix Jimenez

Felix Jimenez

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How can we bring energy and fresh ideas to PMI? This will be my motto if I get elected. I am passionate about project management and will try to make this profession a success. I can also see myself as someone not so passionate and thinking “what is this PMI about?” “What are they doing?” “What is in for me apart from the certification?” and I want to have simple answers for these questions using all possible media available now.

Project Management experience

I started to explore the world of project management during my time in the IT department of 3M. I have always been passionate about delivering results by working with other people. After 3 years as IT project manager I moved to the exciting world of Supply Chain through Lean Six Sigma. I spent 6 years running Supply Chain projects. After a period of time when I wanted to challenge myself in an operational job, I have come back to where I wanted to be for the last 3 years in a combination of IT and Supply Chain project.

 PMI volunteering experience

I am Technical Editor of the newsletter and mentor since I joined the PMI Switzerland Chapter.

My motivation and key priorities within the chapter

I am always motivated by making things better and helping others. Since I joined the PMI Switzerland chapter and I started as Technical Editor, I realized that for someone new, and even for someone with some experience in the chapter, it is not always easy to explain what we do and who does what. I always try to put myself in the shoes of someone else and I wonder how we can attract people to join Project Management and how we can convey our message in an easy way. In addition to this our world is evolving like we have never seen before with such an importance on the Social Networks that we need to get ready for the unknown and be there to take it. More interaction with the outside of the PMI world via the new ways of communicating (Twitch, Twitter, Whatsapp, . . . ) will be key to keep our chapter alive.

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