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Philippe Soupart

Philippe Soupart

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I have been the VP Operations for two years now. During my current term I was able to change the website to a more dynamic design and providing better tools for our volunteers in order to do more. Operations is a very demanding role in hours spend per week with a lot of backstage activities. If re-elected, I will of course continue to deliver the services required to support the success of the chapter. And I will continue to improve our Website with new features and thus provide more direct support for the volunteers to create interesting events.

Project Management experience

In the early 90’s, I was running Telecom projects. It wasn’t like the project management we have today and my tasks were more technical leader oriented rather than leading projects.

Later, becoming lead architect, running projects with specific project management skills became more important. I took the decision to prove my knowledge with a the PMP certification only in 2015 when the game of certifications was a must in many domains. I had to run a complete strategy on this with certifications in multiple domains to enforce my employability. Since then, I am quite attached on my certification lifecycle in IP Networks, Project Management, ICT-Security and, Telecom systems.

Nowadays, I guess coming with age, I focus more on the social aspects and realize the importance of human networking to share and connect to peers. Therefore, I am glad to be part of PMI Switzerland to strengthen the project manager community.

 PMI volunteering experience

I have joined our Chapter in 2015 in the Technology team and joined the board in 2019 as the VP Operations.

My focus was to adapt the website to a more modern look and to be able to manage Event in a clearer way. Doing this, volunteers could propose more Events in an easier way and with modern tools.

This website migration has started in March with a new design (Hope you like it!), and is still ongoing. We are now migrating the users from external platforms back to our website to have more consistent notifications for different services such as Events, Job opportunities. I am really happy and motivated to work with my teams to deliver a best-in-class solutions in order to help volunteers being able to offer you awesome events, articles and many more with in mind to build a professional project manager community.

 My motivation and key priorities within the chapter

My main goals for the next election round would be to finalize our website management workflow to ease the creation of our traditional events as well as small networking events (A trial is now running in Nyon).

Then, start offering more services on our website (increasing interactions), and having further work on ranking tools. I’m convinced that we need to improve our visibility.

I would also work on a way to attract younger generations in the chapter, promoting new trainings for young segments. I also would like to provide more visibility on our sponsors’ training courses to involve them more in order to increase sponsor’s retention.

For all this, I would like to engage more our volunteers to support the community members to get closer together.

My main motivation is to strengthen our community who can meet regularly to speak, share and make new connections.

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