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PMI Switzerland Chapter Newsletter: March 2024

PMI Switzerland Chapter Newsletter: March 2024


Marchy 2024 - Volume 24 - Issue 03

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Author: Philip Springuel, PMP


Dear PMI Switzerland members and colleagues,


With this March 2024 edition of the newsletter, we’re privileged to present Joanna Lubowiecka’s interview with PMI’s Claudia Alcelay, Project Manager for Artificial Intelligence, discussing the integration of PMI Infinity into PMI’s courses: “It is crucial to be flexible and aware of changing technology.” Claudia will be the keynote speaker at PMI’s Annual Members Meeting to be held this 14 March in Zurich.


Also this month, PMI Switzerland’s Mentoring Director Isis Gouedard illustrates for us how our Chapter’s Mentoring Program is resonating throughout our community: “From mentees who have achieved career milestones to mentors who have witnessed the transformative power of guidance.”


Mafalda Amaro writes this month about an enthusiastic February start to our PMI Switzerland ‘PM Talks,’ which intend to foster engagement and enhance the skills of project professionals in our community. Mafalda relates how Alkistis Petropakis covered a range of topics in this initial event, offering practical advice and sharing advanced experience in the field of Gender Diversity in the Swiss Workplace.


As we do with each newsletter, Alp Camci introduces our new PMI Switzerland members in the included monthly update.


To ensure you don’t miss upcoming events and benefit from knowledge sharing among your fellow PMI Switzerland members and experts, always check our website events page and social media channels. This newsletter also highlights the all-important PM Conference, to be held this year in September in Lausanne on the subject: “Innovation in Project Management - Risks and Opportunities.” Sign up early to reserve your place in this extraordinary annual PMI Switzerland event.


Philip Springuel, PMP 

PMI Switzerland Chapter

Message from the Board

Author: David Puippe, 

You Won't Want to Miss Global Summit Series 2024 Europe!

Dear PMI Switzerland Members,

Exciting news awaits all project management enthusiasts! PMI Global Summit Series 2024 is back in Europe. PMI Global Summit Series brings the power, programs, and passion of PMI® Global Summit, the largest, in-person signature event, directly to our region. Join an international community in Berlin 10-11 April 2024 and experience the magic of a PMI flagship event first-hand. Learn to build a stronger future for yourself, your work, and your world.


This is an event you won't want to miss, and here's why:

  • Interact with fellow project pros and be part of a growing global community
  • Learn about products that can help you navigate day-to-day challenges
  • Interact with subject matter experts and speakers
  • Unwind at the networking reception
  • Opportunities to earn PDUs
  • Experience AI in action and learn how project professionals can leverage the latest technology!


Prepare to be inspired by industry leaders and visionaries who have successfully navigated the complex world of project management. Gain insights from their experiences, learn about emerging trends, and discover innovative approaches to enhance your skills.

Connect with like-minded professionals, experts, and thought leaders from around the globe. The PMI Global Summit provides a unique platform to expand your professional network, share ideas, and build lasting connections.


Gain a global perspective on project management trends and challenges. The summit brings together professionals from various industries and regions, providing a comprehensive understanding of the diverse landscape of project management on a global scale.

Register now to secure your spot at the PMI Global Summit in Berlin. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your skills, expand your network, and immerse yourself in the world of project management.


Visit PMI Global Summit website for more details and registration.


‍An Interview with Claudia Alcelay,
AMM 2024 Keynote Speaker

Author: Joanna Lubowiecka

Joanna: Hi Claudia, it’s great to have you here. As a first question, could you explain to us your story of AI journey in your professional career?


Claudia: Hello Joanna. I've been a project manager my whole life since I started working for the European Commission and helping companies in their transformation processes. Now at the Project Management Institute as Project Manager for Artificial Intelligence, I am in charge of integrating PMI Infinity, our AI-powered knowledge platform in our courses.

During all these years data and data-driven decisions have been part of my daily work, but I have to say that it was when I took the MIT training on AI applications to businesses that I realized that something big was here for the project management profession, a new dimension of data that I didn't consider before. After November 2022, when open AI´s ChatGPT was launched, many of my questions were answered and I started understanding how Gen AI could transform our everyday work as project managers.


Joanna: That's very interesting. I guess for everyone launching chat GPT was a big boom on a professional level.


Claudia: Chat GPT is an interface with a pre-trained model that answers any question you write, but, for many of us, it has been our first contact with Generative Artificial Intelligence to be used daily. It has shifted our relationship with Artificial Intelligence and has made it part of our lives. This has been an amazing moment.

Being that Chat GPT is a generalist tool, I want to highlight that for the project manager, PMI has launched the first Generative AI Knowledge Platform, to help project managers in their daily tasks.


Nurturing Success: A Deep Dive into the PMI Mentoring Program

Author: Isis Gouedard, 
Mentoring Director for PMI Switzerland

In the dynamic landscape of project management, professional growth and development are paramount to success. Among the myriad of resources available, the PMI Mentoring Program stands as a beacon of guidance and support, fostering mentorship relationships that propel individuals towards excellence in their careers.


Understanding the PMI Mentoring Program


At its core, the PMI Mentoring Program embodies the spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the project management community. Designed to connect seasoned professionals with aspiring practitioners, the program serves as a platform for mentorship, offering invaluable insights and opportunities for growth.

PMI Switzerland’s Mentoring Program aims to foster the growth of project management professionals by providing mentorship opportunities. As mentoring Director, I pair experienced mentors with mentees seeking guidance and support in their professional development journey.


Program Structure and Features


Central to the PMI Mentoring Program is its flexible and adaptive structure. Mentors and mentees are carefully paired based on their objectives, expertise, and areas of interest. Whether through virtual or in-person interactions, participants engage in meaningful dialogues, exchange ideas, and chart pathways towards success.

The program operates in cycles, typically lasting six months, during which mentors and mentees collaborate to achieve predefined goals. Mentors provide guidance, share insights, and offer support tailored to the mentee's needs, fostering an environment conducive to learning and growth.


PM Talks 2024: Celebrating a Successful Debut!

AuthorMafalda Amaro, VP Sponsors & Partners

Dear PMI Switzerland Community,


We're excited to share the success of our first-ever PM Talks event, held in February 2024. It was an inspiring session filled with invaluable insights, real talks, and some serious "Aha!" moments. These PM Talks foster connections, bringing together project management professionals from across Switzerland and beyond.


Our guest speaker Alkistis Petropakis covered a range of topics, offering practical advice and sharing Advance experience in the field of Gender Diversity in the Swiss Workplace. Check out the presentation here.


We're grateful to our speaker, sponsors, volunteers and attendees for their support in making PM Talks 2024 start a success.


🏆 A big shout out to our Social Impact volunteers Johanna Keller and Isabelle Noverraz for driving this PM Talk!

🚀 PM Talks series aims to cultivate a vibrant community of project management enthusiasts by offering insightful webinars on Social Impact, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Sustainability. 


Save the date - PM Conference “Innovation in Project Management - Risks and Opportunities” 2024

Author: PM Conference team 2024

The game is changing. ️

The future of project management demands adaptability, resilience, and innovative thinking. Are you ready to shape the future of project management?


Join us for the PM Conference “Innovation in Project Management - Risks and Opportunities” where we’ll explore the exciting intersection of innovation, risks, and opportunities.

23 September 2024 in Lausanne:

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Members Update

Author: Alp Camci, PMP

A warm welcome to all new members that joined our Chapter.

Congratulations also to the members who obtained certifications in March.

The following member provided information about themselves;Antonia Cameron, Weiwei Jonsson, Dione Sharon Epie.


‍Antonia Cameron

 Weiwei Jonsson

Dione Sharon Epi

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Discover the last 3 videos posted on the channel:



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